Crimson Black whishes everybody a happy new year!
December was awesome! We played three gigs at which we all had fun and we met some great new fans. Thanks to all for coming!
Next up: MetalBattle 2011 @ Artishock Upstairs, Soest! We really are excited about it and we hope you are too!

Even more happened in December...Aron (Joseph) is no longer our rhythm guitar player. All 5 of us decided this was the best for both Crimson Black and Joseph himself.
Crimson Black will not cancel future gigs because of Aron's departure. He left you a message:

I've been serving Crimson Black for about 4 years I believe, I have been one of the founding members. But I have to say thanks to the great talent I've been working with, especially the final line-up members: Stephan, Aaron, Jeffrey & Hakan. I am leaving you guys.

Crimson Black has been my baby since the beginning. Ever since Stephan and Aaron asked me to support them on the rhytmn guitar section, I've been giving my everything to Crimson Black. The last years have been different though.

The reason Crimson Black and I will part is because of our musical opinions. Crimson Black in my opinion makes awesome music a perfect match in original metal. But not the match I wanted it to be. We had plenty of discussions about where we wanted the music to go but it always kinda felt like me versus the rest of the band. So this descision is pretty obvious. I can't hold myself and Crimson Black back any longer.
I have no new things going on, but I do play my guitar daily now. I'm still on my quest to get myself an awesome metal tone. A long story short I am still busy, I have not and will never give up on music, I am merely retreating. I'm sure Crimson Black will manage perfectly without me, the 4 current members have their eyes on the same things and there is plenty of talent going on. I will be following them and I think you all should.

My final words go out to you all who have been supporting me personally and by supporting the band. You really made a band grow until an awesome potential and I will smile for every gig you've let go of yourselves.

Aron Verbogt - Joseph.

Crimson Black whishes Joseph all the best!